Ballet Workshops & Ballet Summer Camp

We are happy to present our special partners Ballet Workshops and Ballet Summer Camp, Romania who are providing exclusive scholarships to some of the best participants at Dance Grand Prix Sofia 2024.

The mission of Ballet Workshops is to serve as a guiding light for aspiring ballet dancers on their path to professionalism and to create an environment where artistic excellence thrives, discipline is embraced, and dreams become a reality.​

What sets Ballet Workshops apart is their commitment to providing international expertise right at your doorstep.

Renowned teachers and choreographers from around the globe had been invited in their programs, including Annarella Sanchez, Siner Boquin, Yannick Boquin, Stephen Delattre, Anita Young, Irina Tsymbal, Steffi Scherzer, Caroline Llorca, Cristina Sasso, Vladimir Shishov, from institutions like the Royal Danish Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Royal Ballet School, and many more.

The programs are designed to expose dancers to diverse perspectives, techniques, and artistic influences, enriching their dance journey.​

Ballet Workshops' alumni have graced prestigious stages around the world and received invitations and scholarships to professional schools and programs.

The Masterclass workshops are designed to help you achieve your dance goals and reach your full potential. The internationally renowned teachers and choreographers will guide you through each class, providing expert instruction in contemporary dance, ballet technique, choreography, charactere, or other academical dance.

Which participants at Dance Grand Prix Sofia 2024 will enjoy the incredible experience of Ballet Summer Camp with exclusive scholarships?

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